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Advanced laser therapies

Laser Dentistry

Laser dental treatments at our holistic dental office in Pewaukee WI

Leading the Way in Cutting-Edge Dental Laser Treatments

At Integrative Dental Solutions, our biological dentists are pioneers in the field of laser dentistry. We offer several state-of-the-art dental laser treatments for your teeth and gums, including the SiroLaser Advance, LightScapel CO2 Laser, and Fotona Laser.

These cutting-edge laser technologies are making holistic dentistry easier and more painless than ever before. Dental laser therapies can be used to remove tooth decay, release tongue and lip ties, treat gum disease, perform gum and bone surgeries, boost healing times, and even stop sleep apnea and snoring!

If you think you might benefit from laser dentistry, please request a consultation to learn more about these exciting treatments.

Integrative Dental Solutions, Biological Dentist in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

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Our Dental Laser Treatments Include:

Fotona Laser

The award-winning Fotona laser systems are leading the way in laser dentistry. Fotona’s versatile LightWalker laser can be used for a full range of various treatments on both hard and soft tissue, with little or no bleeding. The LightWalker laser can be used for various dental operations, including cavity removal, sealants, root canals, digital smile design, gum and bone surgery, endodontic treatments, and more.

Fotona’s NightLase therapy is designed to enhance your sleep quality by reducing the effects of sleep apnea and diminishing the intensity of snoring. This cutting-edge therapy harnesses laser technology to gently tighten the oral mucosa tissue, effectively widening the airway for improved airflow.

SiroLaser Advance

The state-of-the-art SiroLaser can be used to treat gum disease, heal mouth sores (such as canker sores), perform biopsies, and shape gum tissue. Patients also experience a better healing process and less postoperative pain.

LightScapel CO2 Laser

Our Carbon Dioxide Laser performs minimally invasive soft tissue surgery, such as a tongue/lip tie release (frenectomy). The LightScapel CO2 Laser allows us to perform a frenectomy and other cosmetic procedures fast and with great accuracy, with minimal to no bleeding, less swelling and discomfort, and reduced risk of infection.

The CO2 laser remains the best surgical tool to simultaneously cut soft tissue and stop bleeding from small blood vessels in its path. Both incisions and reduction in bleeding are achieved in a non-contact fashion, with just a focused beam of light.


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