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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

PRP technology

Accelerate the Body's Own Healing

Platelet rich plasma (also called platelet rich fibrin) therapy is an exciting new treatment that has achieved tremendous popularity in dental surgery. It offers a safe, simple, and highly effective way to enhance and accelerate healing after dental procedures. This blood by-product, which is rich in platelets, can assist in tissue and bone regeneration, decrease the rate of infection up to 10-fold (especially following molar extractions and implant placement), reduce swelling and help assure the long-term success of dental surgery. In clinical indications, PRP may be used alone to replace the high costs associated with bone grafts, connective tissue grafts and barrier membranes.

Best of all, platelet rich plasma is obtained from a small sample of your own blood, so it uses your body’s own generative powers to quickly and safely grow bones and soft tissue. There is little risk involved, as we are simply speeding up the body’s own natural healing process.

How Does PRP Therapy Work?

PRP therapy uses injections of a patient’s own concentrated platelets to accelerate the healing process. Essentially, it uses your body’s own regenerative powers to help heal yourself. To prepare PRP, a small amount of blood is taken and ran through a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets. Concentrated platelets are then injected back into the tissue.

Integrative Dental Solutions offers PRP therapy to assure the long term success of dental surgery and improve patient satisfaction. For more information, contact us.

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Benefits of Dental Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelets serve a number of applications in the healing process, including the release of growth factors that stimulate tissue recovery and activate the body’s own healing abilities. The more growth factors the body has access to while healing, the quicker wounds can heal.

Dental Applications of PRP Therapy

Proper healing after dental procedures is incredibly important, but is sometimes overlooked. Because PRP can help promote better, faster healing after many dental procedures, it is quickly gaining momentum in the dental community.

One of its most significant applications is in the formation of new bone, making it an important addition to any procedures that involve the jaw bones. Some dental procedures that can benefit from PRP therapy include:

  • Bone grafting for implants
  • Bone repair (such as after bone trauma or defects)
  • Fistula repair
  • Tooth extractions

Integrative Dental Solutions offers PRP therapy to enhance the long term success of dental surgery and improve patient satisfaction. Please contact us to learn more about this revolutionary treatment.

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