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Harness the Healing Power of Light: The Gentle Touch of Oralase and Babylase Laser Dentistry

Baby lasers - oralase and babylase therapies at our holistic dental office
In our commitment to revolutionizing oral and whole-body wellness, we are excited to introduce advanced dental laser technology OraLase and BabyLase. This laser light therapy is changing how we treat oral health issues in adults and children. Our unique approach focuses on non-invasive, safe, and effective treatments to enhance our patients’ wellness for a lifetime of smiles and reassurance for the parents of our young patients.

OraLase: Unlocking Non-Surgical Solutions for all Ages at Integrative Dental Solutions

OraLase is a game-changer in holistic, biological dental care. Developed by a dentist, OraLase targets pain and loss of function in the head and neck region, particularly to the inside of the mouth and under the tongue. This remarkable treatment can release restricted tissues without any physical contact. Leading to improved neurologic function and a reset of retained primitive reflexes. This means it helps your brain and body work better together and eliminate old, damaging habits. Moreover, OraLase can instantly reduce or eliminate pain, providing immediate relief for those suffering from jaw joint pain, arthritis, chronic head and neck pain, sleep apnea, and tinnitus.

How does Dr. Shetty’s OraLase treatment work?

OraLase uses invisible light energy to deliver therapeutic benefits to areas suffering from discomfort or sub-optimal function. Its gentle yet potent impact effectively treats various issues for patients of any age.

BabyLase: Empowering Infants and Toddlers for a Healthy Start at Integrative Dental Solutions

We understand the importance of early intervention. That’s why we’re proud to offer BabyLase, the latest technology in infant laser dentistry. BabyLase Therapy is a gentle and noninvasive treatment specifically designed for infants and toddlers. This laser light therapy releases restricted oral tissues, enhancing neurologic function by gently stimulating cranial nerves. BabyLase is a lifesaver for breastfeeding issues, tongue-ties, lip ties, pain, and inflammation. It also increases blood flow to promote faster, more efficient healing.

How does Dr. Shetty’s BabyLase treatment work?

BabyLase uses a precise frequency of laser light that feels like a mild warmth when applied. It’s designed to target the patient’s head, neck, and mouth, focusing on relaxing tight and damaged tissues, mainly related to the fascial layer of the body. By targeting areas of restriction and maximizing tissue relaxation, BabyLase facilitates the body’s inherent healing capacity, providing much-needed relief for our little ones.

Dr. Shetty: The Fotona Laser Dentist Advantage

At our holistic dental office, we believe in the power of integrating modern technology with biological wellness. Dr. Shetty is dedicated to using state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional results. That’s why we provide the renowned Fotona laser technology for Oralase and Babylase treatments. Dr. Shetty’s expertise, combined with Fotona’s precision advanced capabilities, ensures that your treatment is minimally invasive and your healing is optimal. Contact us to learn more about our advanced laser dentistry, or schedule today to experience the transformative power of Integrative Dental Solutions Oralase and Babylase dental care.
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