Patient Education Links

Further learning on biological and holistic dentistry

  • Safe Metal and Mercury Removal Procedure / Amalgam Information

    A primary reason many patients chose holistic and natural dentistry is for metal and mercury removal procedure. This step is vital in your path toward greater overall health. The links below will help you solidify your understanding of the benefits of amalgam restoration and provide information regarding the dangers of mercury and metals to your overall health. | Loads of good information as well as books | Holistic dentistry news & information | Fantastic source for scientific news and info | Consumer advocate group with referral and articles

  • Oral Information | History of oral pathology | Could Alzheimer’s Begin With Bacteria That Cause Gum Disease?

  • Fluoride Information

    What do the studies show about fluoride? What effect can fluoride have on overall health? A better understanding of the history of fluoride and the opinion of those in the holistic community will help you make a decision on fluoride to support better oral health and better overall health. | Excellent site with references and links to abstracts | Excellent resource on the use of fluoride with scientific references | Fluoride history and background information with additional references and links | Mercola article on the dangers of fluoride in drinking water | Scientific bibliographies with hundreds of references | The Negative Effects of Drinking & Cleaning with Fluoride

  • Root Canal Information

    A natural approach to dentistry strongly promotes protecting your natural teeth. Inflammation or infection inside your tooth can lead to root canal treatment. This procedure cleans, disinfects and shapes the root canal then seals the space helping to preserve your natural teeth. | American Association of Endodontists | Good info from an expert in the field

  • Compatibility Testing

    Studies have shown that a growing number of patients have allergies or sensitivities to commonly used dental materials. Compatibility testing explores, in advance, how dental materials affect your body chemistry. Using materials that work in harmony with your body allow for a treatment plan that promotes health and well being. | A Practical Guide to Compatibility Testing for Dental Materials

  • Sleep Apnea & Snoring

    Snoring can be an indication of greater health concerns as well as an irritation if it disrupts the sleep of your partner. Better sleep is connected to better overall health. Sleep apnea has been linked to diabetes, heart attack, and hypertension. The links below can help you discover how oral sleep appliances can help you sleep and live well. | How To Stop Snoring