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Holistic Tooth Extraction

Treat infected teeth while preserving whole-body health

Infected teeth don’t just cause excruciating pain. They also cause big problems for your whole-body health. The bacteria attack your tooth, gums, and even your jaw bone.  This triggers an inflammatory process that can cause autoimmune flares and chronic conditions like type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

When a tooth is infected, you need treatment. That means either a root canal or extraction. At Integrative Dental Solutions, we offer holistic tooth extraction as one way to treat infected teeth and preserve your whole-body health.

What is Holistic Tooth Extraction?

A holistic tooth extraction safely removes the damaged tooth and speeds up the healing process. Our patients find that these extractions both resolve their tooth pain and improve their systemic health. In our biological dental office, our approach to holistic extraction goes above and beyond a traditional tooth extraction:

If you need a holistic extraction or you suspect an infection, contact us or request an appointment. We’ll examine you, take any necessary images, and discuss your next steps.

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Is a Holistic Extraction Right for Me?

Holistic extraction is safe and effective for all patients. There are many reasons why you may choose to have a holistic extraction over a root canal.

You have a history of failed root canals and don’t want to risk another one.

Root canals rarely fail, but if they do, it can be a scary experience. Patients who are worried about root canals may choose holistic extraction followed by a dental implant.

Extraction is less costly than a root canal.

For most patients, extractions are a more budget-friendly option, especially if the tooth is invisible when talking or smiling.

Extractions are toxin and chemical free.

Patients with chemical sensitivities or allergies may want to avoid a root canal. For instance, gutta-percha, a common natural filling for root canals, can trigger reactions in those with latex allergies.

If I choose extraction, will my smile suffer?

Holistic extraction is only the first step to restoring the health and beauty of your smile. After the extraction, you can replace the tooth with either a dental implant or bridge.

A Dental Bridge is another tooth replacement alternative. However, a bridge does not protect the gums and jaw as well as an implant does, and placing a bridge can require making changes to the healthy teeth surrounding the gap.

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