do you suffer from sleep disordered breathing?

Your Sleep May Not Be As Good As You Think – And That’s a Big Problem

Are You Suffering from Sleep Disordered Breathing? How is your sleep? Do you sleep through the night, or do you wake frequently? Has a partner or family member complained that you snore? Do you ever wake up with a headache, a dry mouth,…
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Sleep Better, Breathe Better, Live Healthier with the Snore-Cure®

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An Effective Cure for Snoring Sleep is one of the most important elements of overall health and wellness. It is often easy to point to diet and exercise as the means to get and stay healthy, however, sleep impacts the body’s ability to…

Let Dr. Supriya K Shetty Help You Sleep!

  How Important is a Good Night's Sleep? Sleep is like the soil that grows good health. It helps reduce stress, can improve your memory, lower blood pressure, and strengthen your immune system. Studies have shown that sleep helps you…
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Sleep Apnea and Your Dentist

According to the National Center on Sleep Disorders, it is estimated that as many as 70 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder. And of those 70 million, about 18 million suffer from a serious condition called sleep apnea. What…