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Ask Dr. Shetty: What Does Holistic Dental Medicine Say about Oil Pulling?

If you follow alternative medicine sources or have friends who care about all-natural healthcare, you may have encountered oil pulling. Oil pulling is an ancient medical practice from India in which you swish an edible oil, such as sesame or coconut oil, in your mouth. Practitioners of oil pulling say that it has huge benefits, such as removing bacteria from your mouth. But does science back them up?

Biological approach to healthy gums and teeth

Good Nutrition for Gums and Teeth, a Biological Dental Approach

If you are looking for a dental professional that understands the interconnectedness of the mouth and body, look no further. Dr. Supriya K Shetty, a biological dentist, has extensive training in the way the mouth and body work together. Not only that, Dr. Shetty approaches all dental procedures in a way that is minimally invasive, holistic and with the patient’s best health in mind.

Can Teeth Protect Themselves Against Cavities?

Can Teeth Protect Themselves Against Cavities?

It’s all about bacteria Our common understanding of the decay process focuses on how changes in the oral environment impact the bacteria to cause mineral loss, and thus cavities. While this is not an incorrect assertion, a new study done by Dr. Ralph R. Steinman and Dr. John Leonora suggests