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Tooth Colored, Biocompatible Fillings

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Transforming smiles with tooth-colored, biocompatible fillings

As biological dentists, the team at Integrative Dental Solutions is committed to using safe, non-toxic bio-compatible dental materials. In fact, we specialize in metal free alternatives to mercury (amalgam) fillings.

Our metal free, tooth-colored composite resin or porcelain fillings are safe, strong and mimic the look of your natural teeth. Best of all, the malleable nature of composite resin fillings also allows us to preserve more of the tooth structure while repairing it, prolonging the lifespan of the tooth.

Our holistic dental office also offers bio-compatibility testing of the different dental materials available by our experienced bio-feedback technician. This allows you to select the right filling material for your body.

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Get the ultimate dental experience. Our biological new patient exam includes all necessary x-rays, a complete biological dental examination and a 30-minute consultation.

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