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How a Holistic Pediatric Dentist can Benefit You and Your Little Ones

Natural Dentistry for Kids As an informed and loving parent, it is only our nature to extend the healthiest and safest lifestyle choices beyond ourselves to our children. Holistic oral care is at the core of a flourishing experience for you and especially your child as they progress through their significant developmental stages of life. […]

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What is a Biological Dentist?

Are you searching for a more natural, alternative solution to traditional dental procedures such as metal implants, mercury fillings and the typical “drill and fill” philosophy you find at most dental offices? Have you discovered adverse health effects from previous dental treatments and seek a safer, non-toxic alternative? Are you looking for an advocate of […]

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Ask Dr. Shetty: What Does Holistic Dental Medicine Say about Oil Pulling?

  Dear Dr. Shetty, Some of my friends have told me about oil pulling. They say that it’s an ancient medical practice that can keep your teeth, mouth and gums healthy. Should I try oil pulling, and can it improve my oral health? If you follow alternative medicine sources or have friends who care about […]

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The Dangers of Amalgam Fillings & How to Remove them Safely

In an age of becoming more conscious of all the influences, ingredients and factors affecting our body, dental amalgam (mercury-containing) fillings have raised a pressing concern. Mercury itself is classified as a neurotoxin. It has been scientifically proven that mercury fillings in your mouth continuously release small amounts of toxic vapor into your body every […]

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Improve Your Smile with Invisalign

September is National Self-Improvement month. If you could easily and affordably approve your smile, would you? If your answer is yes, it’s time to learn more about Invisalign. How Can Invisalign Improve My Smile? Invisalign is a series of custom medical-grade plastic aligner trays that gently move your teeth into the correct position. Patients see […]

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Good Nutrition for Gums and Teeth, a Biological Dental Approach

The Mouth and Body Work Together If you are looking for a dental professional that understands the interconnectedness of the mouth and body, look no further. Dr. Supriya K Shetty, a biological dentist, has extensive training in the way the mouth and body work together. Not only that, Dr. Shetty approaches all dental procedures in […]

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Can Teeth Protect Themselves Against Cavities?

It’s all about bacteria Our common understanding of the decay process focuses on how changes in the oral environment impact the bacteria to cause mineral loss, and thus cavities. While this is not an incorrect assertion, a new study done by Dr. Ralph R. Steinman and Dr. John Leonora suggests the host resistance may be […]


Your Sleep May Not Be As Good As You Think – And That’s a Big Problem

Are You Suffering from Sleep Disordered Breathing? How is your sleep? Do you sleep through the night, or do you wake frequently? Has a partner or family member complained that you snore? Do you ever wake up with a headache, a dry mouth, or feeling achy and draggy? If so, you may be suffering from sleep […]

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Biological Dentistry is Good for the Whole Family

Are you looking for a dental office that truly cares about your overall health and wellness? Are you looking for an office that prioritizes your comfort and needs above all else? Are you looking for high-tech, high-touch care full of empathy and clinical excellence? Look no further. Integrative Dental Solutions practices Biological Dentistry for the […]

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Biological Dentists and COVID-19

Dental professionals play a critical role in preventing the transmission and spread of COVID-19. In an effort to mitigate the spread, the American Dental Association (ADA) has recommended dentists postpone providing elective dental procedures and only treat emergencies at this time. These measures protect both patients and dentists, as certain dental procedures can pose distinctive […]