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3 Reasons a Holistic Dentist Is Right for You

3 Reasons a Holistic Dentist Might be Right for You

Did you know that, according to Dr. Reinhard Voll, a German physician, 80% of human disease is indirectly or directly related to the oral cavity? We know our teeth aren’t isolated from the rest of our body, but medical and dental professionals often operate that way.

Holistic or biological dentists, like the ones at Integrative Dental Solutions, take a whole-body approach to dentistry. They understand that good oral health is linked to a healthier body. Alternatively, various oral issues can increase your risk for or intensify systemic disease.

If you want to treat your whole body, not just the individual parts, holistic dentistry might be an excellent fit for you.

Here are 3 reasons many patients love a holistic approach to their oral health.

1. The Use of Non-Toxic Materials

Since we know there is a connection between the mouth and the rest of the body, holistic dentists do not use toxic materials. Instead, they only use safe, non-toxic materials in dental work. Certain materials used by traditional dentists, such as mercury, are harmful. In fact, mercury is classified as a neurotoxin. It has been proven that mercury fillings in your mouth continuously release small amounts of toxic vapor into your body every time you chew, drink, brush your teeth, clench your jaw, and so forth.

Holistic dentists do not use mercury fillings but instead use a mercury-free and mercury-safe approach to dental care.  Many also offer safe removal of mercury fillings. In addition, holistic dentists believe in decreasing radiation exposure through a digital radiography system.

2. Individualized, Minimally Invasive Dental Care

We care for teeth using non-invasive methods that aim to maintain the tooth structure and surrounding tissues. Holistic dentists are keen on treating the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms that manifest in the mouth. We use non-surgical gum therapy to prevent certain gum diseases and can treat early stages of tooth decay without using a drill. We can even treat oral infections and gum disease using only water and oxygen using ozone therapy.

3. A Focus on Overall Health

Research shows oral inflammation due to bacteria may cause clogged arteries and blood clots. Studies have also shown that people with gum infections have an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Severe gum disease can even cause problems during pregnancy.

As holistic dentists, we know the mouth and the body are intricately connected. Therefore, we work with our patients to find treatments and solutions that serve the entire body.

Other services we offer that can improve your overall well-being include:

If you’re interested in a holistic approach to your dental health, we would love to speak to you about your needs and overall health and wellness.  Please contact Integrative Dental Solutions and let us help you.

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About Integrative Dental Solutions

We are a holistically minded team of dental practitioners providing high quality natural, biological and cosmetic restorative dentistry. Our mission is to restore and maintain the natural health, function and beauty of our your mouth while working in harmony with your entire body,. We do so using the most advanced techniques, technologies and biocompatible materials known to dentistry. Come see why we are Wisconsin's #1 biological dentist.

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